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Explorer has some very powerful printing features which, while needing some initial setup, will greatly increase your productivity.

Explorer can allow you to preconfigure a number of different printers for different printing purposes (eg. send Documents to a A4 printer or send Labels to a label printer).

Follow the instructions in Printer Setup to set up the printers.

Printing Labels

Explorer has a built in label printer that allows you to set up and print bar-coded labels (see Printing a Label for further details).

This includes the capability to print labels to either a specialised label printer or to your default printer.


You must setup a label configuration before you can start printing the labels.

Setting up a Label Configuration

Printing a Label

Print Templates

Templates allow you to merge pre-written forms with the current patient data to produce documents to send or print.

You can manually write the template or you can use our Template Wizard to produce the template for you.

Templates can be stored locally (if you wish to restrict the template to a single computer) or uploaded to the server for all users to share.

To use a template you will need to configure or upload the template first via the Manage Templates form.

Template Wizard

Manage Templates

Built-in Word Processor

Built-in Word Processor

Pathology Printing 

Pathology Printing is a special printout section where the user can select which providers from a list they want to produce printouts for. Printouts are configurable and can produce printouts configured for each provider see Pathology Printing

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