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There are several ways to integrate with Medical-Objects. We have many options for this, and obviously HL7 v2.3.1 is our preferred method of integration. Our integration tool Medical-Objects Adapter Services is extremely powerful and we would strongly recommend this method of integration.

There are times however when the knowledge of HL7 is outside the boundaries of the development team and they need some simple methods of sending via Medical-Objects. We have provided capabilities to integrate using several methods which we will describe here.

HL7 Messaging with Medical-Objects

ActiveX control

Medical-Objects have an ActiveX control that can be used to create a clinical letter or report and send it through. In addition the library also allows for checking the online status of providers and the delivery status of reports. Click here to view the ActiveX - COM+ Object Client example code

Web Services

Medical-Objects provide a number of Web Services to call into to provide a number of services. From SNOMED CT to Delivery and Status checking. We encourage you to contact us when using this service.

REST Based interfaces

Medical-Objects provide a number of Rest based interfaces on its Capricorn systems which is useful to integrate with Click here for a .NET sending example

Capricorn REST methods

Equator REST methods


Some interfaces will require certificates to secure the connection. For information on how to generate certificates for this purpose see the Certificate Wizard walk through.

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