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The following links will provide you FREE access to the latest Australian standards (Note previous standards on SAI Global are superseded by these):

The HL72.3.1 International spec is available on the HL7 Australia website as a free download:

The documentation is useful, however you must be a member of HL7 Australia to access the standards, which is very inexpensive and it the best way to get hold of the standards. HL7 Australia

HL7 ORU Message Integration

HL7 ORU Message Integration

HL7 REF Message Integration

HL7 REF message Integration

The simplest way we generally set up message exchange is via message files on the file system. 1 message per file. Save them into a directory that MO can access. We can also provide you with acknowledgements so that you can determine in your software how far the message has gone through the network. eg. is it waiting to route, on the hard disk at the other end or waiting for an application to process, or it has been imported into the system successfully.

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