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This article is for Medical Objects staff and customers needing to generate a client certificate for use connecting to Medical Objects systems.


  1. In the top right of the screen select the magnifying glass to open the spotlight search.

  2. Type in "keychain access" and open the application

  3. From the top menu choose Keychain AccessCertificate AssistantRequest a Certificate From a Certificate Authority.

    1. In User Email Address enter the users email address that is requesting the certificate.
    2. Most importantly supply a Common Name that uniquely identifies the person or system that is connecting to Medical Objects. If this is not unique it may be difficult to trouble shoot the connection or another user may conflict with your session causing problems.
    3. CA Email Address is not required
    4. Select Saved to disk
    5. Tick Let me specify key pair information
    6. Click Continue at the bottom of the Message Box.

  4. Select an appropriate location for the request file to be saved so it can be emailed to Medical Objects.

  5. Email the request file to Medical Objects support 
    They will respond with a certificate file for installation on your system.

  6. Back in  Keychain Access from the top right menu choose File Import Items

  7. Select the certificate file that was emailed back from Medical Objects and choose Open at the bottom of the Message Box.

  8. The certificate should then be listed in the keychain.
    Note in the screenshot below the search in the top right corner was used to filter the certificate based upon part of its Common Name from Step 4.
    Note login and All items are chosen on the right hand panes.
    Note there will be 3 entries one of which has a Kind of certificate and a value in the Expires column
    Note a possible reason a certificate fails to import is it may have expired.

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