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GLIF stands for Guideline Interchange Format. It is a format for the structured representation of clinical guidelines. It incorporates patient states, decisions, actions and links in a computer processable way. Yet it is also designed for the sharing of guidelines, and may be itself represented in a form that people can process. Accordingly, the GLIF editor developed by Medical Objects has computer processing occurring underneath the surface, yet the clinicians using (and producing the guidelines) see an intuitive flowchart interface. The real advantage of computerised guidelines is their ability to take guidelines directly to the point of care. It is ineffective having guidelines that exist only in a book on the shelf gathering dust - having context appropriate computerised decision support whilst in the process of delivering patient care improves patient care.

Decision points in the GLIF flowchart can be enabled to happen automatically by using GELLO v.2 to evaluate computable decision criteria. This embeds the didactic decision support pages, along with a highlighted decision flowchart into the clinician's workflow in a manner which is purposefully distinct from 'decision support' e-books approaches! Examples would be GELLO querying the patient's past pathology results or applying subsumption testing of past medical history items against a reference terminology such as SNOMED CT. 

GLIF Tutorials (2016)

Here are some tutorials on how to use the GLIF Editor. An editor can be downloaded from these pages.

They build on each other so it helps to do them in order.

  1. Getting started with Action steps and sub-guidelines
  2. User-driven decisions, branch and sync steps
  3. Executing GELLO in a GLIF Decision step
  4. GLIF and Gello example  - allergies
  5. Using archetypes in GLIF
  6. Using patient states as intermediate state objects (includes sync node GELLO)
  7. Online GLIF

GLIF Video

Here's a video that shows some GLIF in action, with the underlying EN13606 archetypes, and some GELLO v.1 making decisions

GLIFeditorShowing LymphomaWizard

GLIF Lymphoma wizard and walkthrough

Here's a GLIF file for a large blood cancer project. There is also a walkthrough with lots of screenshots.

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