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GELLO is an object oriented, declarative decision support language. It is a HL7 standard. Revision 2 has been ballotted successfully twice and is ANSI approved. Medical Objects (MO) continues to lead the development and implementation of this standard. GELLO is closely related to Object Constraint language (OCL). As a constraint language, GELLO can capture or query data from a virtual medical record (vMR). We prefer a VMR based on existing HL7 v2 messages however FHIR and bespoke models are ok as well. We also can use GELLO to query ISO:13606 archetypes. On the ontology side of modelling, GELLO can query and process a concept model such as SNOMED-CT. Methods exist for SNOMED CT concept creation ( as a Concept Descriptor - CD type), post coordinated expression validation and subsumption through a GELLO language implies method.

GLIF is a specification for interchangeable electronic guidelines. It presents through a UI as a  smart flowchart. 

ISO:13606 is an international Electronic Health record (EHR) extract standard and is an ISO standard. It employs archetypes which in turn may be combined as Templates .

The virtual medical record (VMR) is a HL7 project. It specifies an abstraction of existing EHR information structures, for the purposes of clinical decision support. It is platform independent in its implementation, dynamic, and can be Gello class based. It may be a representation of the HL7 Reference information Model (RIM), but not an EHR.  Medical Objects uses a VMR based on existing V2 messages. Other VMR packages can be enabled, for example FHIR. Bespoke GELLO models would allow implementations in non health domains. GELLO can also utilize a database data and HL7 v2 messages.




VMR - Virtual Medical Record


Gello and vMR in Relation To HL7V3 Pedigree Model.pdf (Presented at HL7 International Workgroup Meeting in Sydney January 2011)

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