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Demonstration and sample files for eHealth Queensland EXPO 2016. 


GLIF is the Guidelines Interchange Format. For more information about GLIF, see These Pages.

Downloading the software

Download: GLIFEditor-Setup.exe

MD5: 26978eda2de7f1f204f413e42fd8e889

Firewall Information 

One of the following ports and IP addresses must be open for SNOMED-CT evaluation and GLIF Repository access.

TCP Outbound
Port: 2951


TCP Outbound
Port 443


In order to run local web server to view GLIF in web browser your local personal firewall needs to allow a loopback connection on tcp port 3500.


Download the installer from the link above. The GLIF Editor will install by default to: C:\Modemo\GLIFEditor

The sample data will be installed by the installer. The sample data will default to: C:\Modemo\GLIFEditor\Sample Data

How to use the GLIF editor with the Sample Data

To open a sample data GLIF, open the GLIF Editor (C:\Modemo\GLIFEditor\GLIFEditor.exe) and click File, Open.

Navigate to the Sample data folder (C:\Modemo\GLIFEditor\Sample Data) and open one of the .GLIF files shown.


An example of a GLIF will load like shown below. 


Loading Patient Data into the GLIF

To load a decision support path into the GLIF, Select File, And select Load HL7 data...


Select one of the HL7 files from the Sample Data Folder. 

Once the data is loaded, you can run the GLIF by clicking the green Play arrow from the Menu bar.


The Support tree will show the path from the HL7 file. 

Starting a new GLIF

To start a new GLIF, Select the New button. 


For instructions on how to create your own GLIF, See GLIF tutorials in This Guide.

Loading GLIF from the Repository

Medical-Objects has installed some sample GLIFs into the sever the demo connects to.

To load these, select The File menu, and select Load from Repository. Please note that this will load data from the server, and will not always be accessible if firewall rules are not satisfied.


Select one of the GLIF files from the box. 


The GLIF will be loaded. 


How to view the GLIF in your Web browser

Works on latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.



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