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PV1-9 Original Orderer of Message  ← This is the recipient

If you are sending RTF it is also important to send a plain text version in FT (Formatted Text). Otherwise many systems that receive your message that do not have RTF capability will not be able to utilise your content. Providing the FT version also gives the receiving system a choice.

For examples, of messages that our systems have generated please see:

Messages 9 & 29 are the type that you should look at as a template. (Please dont copy and paste it though. Look at each fields meaning from the specifications. I have seen developers copy and paste in the past to the point that the the MSH sending application field has our software version numbers in it, when it should have had theirs!)

You should provide a separate message for each recipient of a document (See subsection "Supplying a message to a Copy Doctor").

MSH-Control ID should be unique for each message and never repeat in time.

Recipient Values

PV1-9 XCN below is where the addressee(recipient) for an ORU^R01 message goes.


For recipients without provider numbers. Medical-Objects allocate a Medical-Objects Routing Identifier, this should be qualified in the XCN Assigning Authority field.


The XCN components of PV1-9 are:

<ID number (ST) = Medical-Objects Routing ID eg "JD455600041"> ^ <family name (ST) > & < last_name_prefix (ST)> ^ <given name (ST)> ^ <middle initial or name (ST)> ^ <suffix (e.g., JR or III) (ST)> ^ <prefix (e.g., DR) (ST)> ^ <degree (e.g., MD) (IS)> ^ <source table (IS)> ^ <assigning authority (HD) = "Medical-Objects&7C3E3682-91F6-11D2-8F2C-444553540000&GUID"> ^ <name type code(ID) = "L"> ^ ^ ^ <identifier type code (IS)> ^ ^ < name representation code(ID)>

The Medical-Objects Routing ID is always 11 Digits long. And is made of the following characters in the following format. AANNNNXXXXX (A: [A-Z], N: [0-9], X: [A-Z, 0-9]). There is a check digit scheme which the Medical-Objects software validates.


Typically the document author (sending provider) can be put into the OBR-32 Principle Result Interpreter field which is a CM datatype. Note that a CM datatype contains the XCN datatype in its first component so where above subcomponent ^ delimeters are used, now subcomponent & delimiters are used.

Components: <name (CN)> ^ <start date/time (TS)> ^ <end date/time (TS)> ^ <point of care (IS)> ^ <room (IS)> ^ <bed (IS)> ^ <facility (HD)> ^ <location status (IS)> ^ <patient loca- tion type (IS)> ^ <building (IS)> ^ <floor (IS)>

Subcomponents of name: <ID number (ST)> & <family name (ST)> & <given name (ST)> & <middle ini- tial or name (ST)> & <suffix (e.g., JR or III) (ST)> & <prefix (e.g., DR) (ST)> & <degree (e.g., MD (ST)> & <source table (IS)> & <assigning authority (HD)>

An example of OBR-32:


Note that the final <assigning authority (HD)> of OBR-32 is only "AUSHICPR" or "Medical-Objects" since the HL7 does not allow component nesting depths deeper than the subcomponent '&' delimiter.

Supplying a message to a Copy Doctor

A result is to be sent to the original orderer of the message and 1 copy doctor listed also needs a copy of the result.

(Please contact Medical Objects support and ask if your server is a Gateway or Practice Server)

Capricorn or GATEWAY Server

Message 1 - The original orderer receives a copy.

PV1-9 Original Orderer of Message  ← This is the recipient

OBR-3 Unique Value Same as in Message 2.

OBR-16 same as PV1-9

OBR-28 Everyone who receives this message, including the original orderer.

OBR-32 Report Author ← This is the sender.

Message 2 - The Copy Doctor receives a copy.

PV1-9 The Copy Doctor ← So the copy doctor gets a copy they are now the recipient.

OBR-3 Unique Value Same as in Message 1.

OBR-16 Original Orderer of Message. NOT same as Message 2 PV1-9  ← Use PV1-9 of Message 1.

OBR-28 Everyone who receives this message, including the original orderer.

OBR-32 Report Author ← This is the sender.


Message 1 - The original ordered.

PV1-9 Original Orderer of Message  ← This is the recipient

OBR-16 same as PV1-9

OBR-28 A list of the Copy Doctors excluding the provider listed in PV1-9

OBR-32 Report Author ← This is the sender.

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