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The Medical Objects RESTful web service is available. A POST is in json format and needs to include three things:

1. patient data in json (or cjson) format

2. Package data if needing an extension or separate package to the default HL7_v2_VMR

3. the gello code itself.

Information is available here.

This service is a research and development site currently. We welcome feedback from users to the info@medical-objects… address. If you wish to use it for commercial/mainstream purposes, please contact us.


Use of SNOMED CT through this web service requires a license from . Do not use this functionality if you are not licensed to do so.

Worked example – Body Mass Index (BMI)

This worked example gets the latest height and weight for a patient and calculates the BMI on the MO web server, and then retrieves the result as json. The example makes use of the ‘Postman – REST Client’ chrome app.

Get it going in the editor first.  Here is some GELLO code to calculate BMI:

 imports HL7_v2_VMR_V1
 Context SinglePatient
 Let allWeights:Sequence(Observation) = vitals.weight
 Let allHeights:Sequence(Observation) = vitals.height
 Let mostRecentWeight:Observation = allWeights->sortedBy(dateTime)->last()
 Let mostRecentHeight:Observation = allHeights->sortedBy(dateTime)->last()
 Let wt:Real = mostRecentWeight.value.oclAsType(PQ).value
 Let ht:Real = mostRecentHeight.value.oclAsType(PQ).convert('m').value
 Let BMI: Real = wt/ht.power(2)
 If BMI < 18.5 then 'Underweight'
 else If BMI >= 18.5 and BMI < 25 then 'Normal'
 else If BMI >= 25 and BMI < 30 then 'Overweight'
 else 'Obese'

Using fifthTest.xml, here is the result:

The url string for the POST in the REST client is:

The json code for a POST is here and it is named POST.txt.  Instance data for the data model starts on line 3. The Gello query itself is on 3604.

Here is a screen shot of Postman showing some of the POST json text:

and the result itself:

In the POST text note how the GELLO section is now written with new line characters at the start of each line.

If we want to see the variables ( say for debugging - although you would do this more in the editor), add ‘V,1’ to line 2, to make it:

   "Debug": "V,1",

You can also return the result as a tuple instead of a single typed value (which in this case is simply a string). 

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