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The Medical-Objects Hosted Database storage covers any clinical correspondence sent or received, images, results, or PDF’s uploaded to the patient file.

By default, our Practice Software Plans have 5 gigabytes (GB) Storage included. Typically, we find for general usage this covers years of operations, however for particularly busy practices or scenario’s where a high-volume of large images or PDFs are being sent/received more storage may be required.

The cost of additional storage is $60 per additional 5 GB per year (prorated to your annual subscription and billable from an annual basis thereon).

Tips to reduce storage:

  • Reduce the size of your images uploaded
  • Reduce the size of PDF’s uploaded as large files build up over time
    Your PDF files can be optimised in Adobe or reduce in Microsoft Word in the ‘Save As’ section
  • Use text-based reports where appropriate as they are much more efficient and take up less storage

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