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Registration server access

The Editor allows the publishing of templates/ archetypes to a central server.


  1. Firstly the archetype needs to have its published status updated. Click on CEN13606-Apple.v1 in the Tree View then make Published to be true on the RHS.
  2. Then we need some more metadata. Click on Description in the Tree View then unfold the UniversalServiceId tag. You need to have values for Identifier, NameofCodingSystem and Text. LOINC for example is helpful for these values. Authors, EnglishDescription, Keywords and Status are helpful tags also but not mandatory to upload the archetype/template.
  3. File , Edit Config, the Server Group Manager and Server Setup allow the technically minded to set up a server to publish to.
  4. To upload, from the menu, go Archetypes, Save to Online Repository.
  5. To refresh the installed archetypes, from then on its File, Edit Config, Archetypes installed, Refresh. Open the refreshed archetype from cache.


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