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GELLO can query a database. This example will show some some code that queries a database for a postcode based on a given locality. This page will then show it in use in an archetype.

Here is some code for this:

imports DB_Postcodes
Let retrievedSuburbName: String = 'Bray Park' -- this will be the entered Suburb or locality
Let retrievedStateName: String = 'NSW' -- this will be the entered State
Let postcodeTable: Sequence(TBL_csv)= csv
Let selectedRowOrRows: Sequence(TBL_csv) = postcodeTable->select((Suburb_locality = retrievedSuburbName)
and (State = retrievedStateName))
Let postcodeAsInteger: Integer = selectedRowOrRows.Postcode ->flatten()->last()
Let result: Real = postcodeAsInteger.oclAsType(Real)

DB_Postocdes in this case is a csv file. The MO Gello Authoring tool will also load SQL Lite file and Firebird files.The package presents as a sequence of rows. Here is a screen shot of the simple structure of this example:

This is the import screen:

Here is the code running:


The Suburb and the State can be captured from the UI of an archetype which runs this code in the onCalculate field for a Postcode Element:

Here is the modified code that does this:

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