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This guide provides a brief overview on Creating a Pathology Request from within the Medical-Objects Explorer (Meridian).

If you require any assistance with the installation or configuration, or if you have any questions, please contact the Medical-Objects Helpdesk on (07) 5456 6000.

Pathology Requests

Creating an Order

  1. Go to Create Document, New patient, and select Create Order.

  2. If the patients file is already open, you can go to View, Current Patient, and select Create Order for Current patient.

  3. You will be presented with the following Window. You can add items to the order from the Path, Common, Clinical and X-Ray tabs, by selecting the item and clicking the Green arrow . To remove an item, select it from the right hand column and click the green arrow .

  4. You can also use the search box to find an item to add.

Adding Patient details

If you opened the order from the currently selected patients file, these details will already be filled out for you. If you have created a new document, you can add patients details to the order by selecting the  button and using the patient lookup form. For more information on how to use this form, Please see this guide.

You can set the sending doctor in the box highlighted below. To add doctors to send copies to, Select the green plus button and use the provider lookup form to search for them.

Below is an example of a completed order form, ready to be printed.

You can print the order by selecting the Print buttons above. Edit order will allow you to change the current order, and Delete will remove the order permanently. You can create a report out of the order by clicking the Create Report button. This will bring up the Report Details screen, already filled out with the details from the report. You can add your message, and click OK when you are ready to send.

Lab Orders

Lab orders are used for internal use, if the company is both creating and completing the test order. 

You can access this order by selecting Create Report, New Patient and Enter Lab Order.


In newer versions, this link is called Create an order for our service.

This order functions in much the same way as outlined above. You can enter a few additional options on this screen, for example the patients’ height and weight, and the Lab Number. 

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