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Using Preview

The Preview Button  initially displays the archetype/template in a depopulated form. But here you can type in some values and create an instance. Preview shows the datatypes of the node values indirectly, for example displaying units for Physical Quantities. Nodes that have a restricted number of decimal places, or choice constraints will also be displayed appropriately.

There are some other features of Preview that are useful:


This section only applies for the production version of the MO Template Editor. The free version has these features disabled.

  1. Validation of the archetype's underlying archetype definition language (ADL) is possible by clicking on the Validate button
  2.  From the menu on the main editor screen, File --> Load Gello Data Model looks for a stored HL7 .oru message (for example test patient data). This data will be queried by GELLO v.1 code in the archetype/template (if GELLO has been used , more on GELLO later) and the results displayed in preview.
  3. The View HL7 button displays the HL7 v.2 that will be produced by the populated archetype/template.


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