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When setting up this queue for the first time please be advised that it will try to download all your acknowledgements which may take sometime and could possibly put a heavy load on your system. 

  1. Enter the Eclipse configuration page and go to Manage Queues.
  2. Select the Add button.

  3. Set the name of your queue. (In this case it is set to "Application Acks") Set the path to an empty folder.


    Create a folder that is empty and will not be used otherwise the contents of the folder will try to be processed and we don't want that. Do not use C:\temp

  4. Click OK to return to the previous window. Next select the Setup button to setup the internals of the queue.

  5. Click the Setup button to bring up the below screen. Click on the Add button and choose "Retrieve Application ACKs from Server". Select your server from the drop down.

  6. Click the Add button again and choose "Store Message in Folder". Set your tick boxes as per the screenshot in step 7.
  7. Set where you would like to save your acknowledgements to.

  8. Return out of the configuration and the queue should now run your new setup.

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