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Should you require any more information or have encountered a problem, please call the support helpdesk on (07) 5456 6000.

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The new Explorer Online interface will soon be replacing the existing Medical-Objects Online interface for all users.

Advantages of Explorer Online

Explorer Online contains a number of new features that users can take advantage of such as...

(tick) An incoming tab in the Activity Report that displays documents that have been delivered to your practice.
(tick) Create PDF patient progress notes.
(tick) New document folders 'Requested Charts' and 'Parked Documents' for organising your documents.
(tick) The ability to create unreleased documents which can then later on be reviewed and either sent or deleted.
(tick) Tablet device support.
(tick) The ability to forward one or more documents to another provider.
(tick) Choice to print the visible document display option or all.
(tick) Cumulative results display and graphing.
(tick) Easily create a response for a received document.

The new features above are already in Explorer Online and can be taken advantage of immediately. For help finding or using these new features please see our user guide, alternatively you can contact our helpdesk who will be more than happy to run you through them.


Will I need a new username and password?

No. You will use your existing user and password.

Will all my patients and documents still be there after the migration?

Yes. Only the interface is being upgraded. Your database will still be the same which means you'll have access to all your existing patients, documents and activity report.

Does the new interface contain all the features that the old interface had?

Yes. We made sure that the first goal of Explorer Online was to include all the existing features of Medical-Objects Online.

Can I still access the old interface after the migration?

No. Once the migration takes place you will be redirected to the new Explorer Online. If you desperately need access to the old interface please contact us.

How can I submit a suggestion or give feedback?

On the Explorer Online dashboard you'll see a feedback panel which will have a link to the feedback form.

Request not to be migrated

If you do not want your Medical-Objects Online interface to be migrated to the new Explorer Online, please contact us to let us know.

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