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This guide provides a brief overview on Marking Results within the Medical-Objects Explorer (Meridian).

If you require any assistance with the installation or configuration, or if you have any questions, please contact the Medical-Objects Helpdesk on (07) 5456 6000.


Once you have opened a Patient's Report you will get some Icons to choose from.

Note: The Icons you see will depend on what you are viewing as they relate directly to the document shown below them in the window.

Cumulative Results

 Will bring up all results of that type from the patients file (eg. all FBC results).

Park/Unpark this Result

 Moves the result up to Patients Window for further review at a later time.

Your Patients Window will now look like this:

Notice how there is now 1 item in the Further Review folder. Clicking once on the folder will open it to display any results that have been temporarily stored there awaiting review.

When looking at a result that has been moved into the Review folder you will be able to click on Icons to remove the result from the Further Review folder.

Request Chart

 This request is shown on all computers in the practice using Meridian. It is a request for the paper chart. A quick way of asking someone to bring you the chart, like an electronic intercom system.

Create Path Request

Brings up Pathology/X-ray Request form.

Create Response

 Brings up a form for you to write a response.

Notice that the details of the document you are responding to is automatically placed as the first 2 lines of your response.

Result History

 This gives you an Unchangeable Legal Record on file.

This is what the screen looks like:

There are columns that show;

Copy Date - The Date it was sent
Practice Sending Report - The name of the Practice sending the Report
Copy to - The Name of provider it was sent to
Practice Receiving Report - The name of the practice the Report was sent to
Delivered to Practice - Date and time it was delivered to the practice
Reviewed/Downloaded - Date and time that the report was reviewed by the recipient
Original PGP key - The Medical-Objects PGP key the result was sent to

Edit Report

 Allows you to edit documents you have written by bringing up the Report Details window.

Alternate/Usual View

The basic view options allow you to change between different text formats. In the example shown, you are able to switch between basic text and rich text. You may also be able to switch into PDF form.

Send Report

Clicking the Send Report icon will send the report straight away without asking you to confirm so make sure that you use the Edit Report icon to check it's contents and make any changes before you send it.

When creating a report you can turn on the tick at the bottom of the window for For Approval before delivered.

This will change the  button into a  button.

Once the report is saved you can view it from the Reports Created in the Patients window.

You will also get a reminder that there is a saved report waiting for approval which will pop up occasionally in a yellow bubble.


Delete Result

This will delete the current report that is waiting for approval before sending.

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