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Should you require any more information or have encountered a problem, please call the support helpdesk on (07) 5456 6000.

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MIMS overview

MIMS Australia is a leading supplier of quality, independent medical information to Australian healthcare professionals. Developed and enhanced over the past 40 years, MIMS offers medicine information via print, PDA, CD, online, and is fully integrated into Explorer. For more information visit their website. The MIMS EULA can be found here.

Contacting MIMS Client Services

Use the following information to contact MIMS Client Services:

Client Services Phone +61 2 9902 7700

Toll Free 1800 800 629


Client Services Hours 9:00am - 5:00pm (Mon - Fri)

Updating MIMS

For most users, MIMS access is automated through a central server, which is kept up to date by Medical-Objects staff as updates from MIMS are released. However, users that host their own Equators may wish to upload MIMS themselves.

To do this, first open the Equator configuration window and go to the MIMS Upload Config page.

Next, click on each little folder button and select the folder the contains the relevant MIMS data files.

After selecting the country, enter a start and end date for when and how long the MIMS data you're uploading will be effective for (typically 3 months).

Click Import. The importation process may take several minutes to complete.

Accessing MIMS database

MIMS is an addition to Explorer and requires you to subscribe. To subscribe to MIMS visit this link.

Viewing MIMS Database

MIMS toolbar button

Assuming you have subscribed to use MIMS and have an active internet connection accessing MIMS is as simple as finding the "MIMS lookup" menu item under the "View" menu item or use the MIMS Toolbar button pictured above. This will open the MIMS Categories page

MIMS Categories page

The MIMS Main Page shows a list of the main categories of medical drug usage so that the operator can quickly narrow their search. Clicking on a top level opens up the level to show sub levels. In the image above the operator has opened up the "Alimentary System" top level and is showing that levels sub levels.

Drill down to Drug List

Drilling down a level is as simple as clicking on the level you require. In the above image (MIMS top Level) we can click on "Hyperacidity, reflux and ulcers" to open up a list of drugs relevant to the level, as should below

Drill down to Drug Information

If you click on an item in the drug list then this opens up the MIMS data on that drug. This data may include ( but not restricted to )

Composition - active and inactive compounds

Description - Taste (if applicable) and physical form

Actions includes Pharmacology (what the chemical is and its expected affects ) and Pharmacokinetics (how the chemical works)

Indications - what you may use the drug for.

Contraindications - conditions or factors that increases the risks involved in using a particular drug

Precautions - Possible caution. this may include pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, lactation and age ranges

Adverse Reactions - Any severe or adverse reactions that might be caused as a result from using the drug

Interations - other drugs or medicines that may be adversely affected or adversely affect this drug. May include possible affects of the interaction

Dosage and Administration - includes children dosage and special dosage conditions (e.g. pregnant or elderly)

Overdosage - affects of overdosage, symptoms and treatments

Presentation - brief description of drug. If dosage is via injection may include description of fluid and amount injected

Storage - Instructions on how the drug must be stored

Poisons Schedule - schedule level and scheduling history (see the government website for more details)

Drill down to Prescribing Information

At the top of each MIMS Product page is a link to the perscription information for the drug. This contains a condensation of the drug information

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