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This guide provides basic instruction on how to find and launch the Medical-Objects Download Client (Capricorn) and access the configuration panel. 

Launching the Capricorn From Services

If the Medical Objects Download Client (Capricorn) icon is not in the tray, It may be running as a service.

  1. Go to your Start menu, and type Run, and Select the Run application.

  2. In the box that appears, Type Services.msc and click OK. This will open the Services window.

  3. Look for the CAPRICORN service on the list. If it is not on this list, Capricorn is not installed as a service. In this case, Skip to the next section.

  4. Right click on the CAPRICORN service, and select the Stop option.

Launching the Capricorn, and the Configuration Window


  1. To launch the HL7 Tray application, Go to Start Menu, All Programs, Medical-Objects and select the Medical-Objects Capricorn. Alternatively, You can go to C:\MO\Capricorn and run the Capricorn.exe.
  2. The following icon will appear in the tray. Double click on it to bring up the log window.

  3. When the log window is displayed, Click on the Configuration icon highlighted below, or select Utility and select Configuration.


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