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Provide a procedure to install and configure Medical-Objects Capricorn and Genie Practice software to import electronic results.

This process is based on the Microsoft Windows environment.

Genie Auto import Pre-Configuration Check

Prior to installing the Medical-Objects Capricorn, the following must be checked and the installation performed accordingly to allow Genie to automatically import the results received via Medical-Objects.


  1. Log into Genie and click on FilePractice Preferences.

  2. Select the Practice whose configuration you want to check.

    Message Box
    Multiple clinics can be listed in the Practice Preference screen. Ensure you select the correct clinic.

  3. On the Practice configuration window, Find the practice that you want to check the auto-import settings for in the clinic name column and double click the entry.

  4. In the Edit Practice Preferences window, click on the Clinical tab.
    Note the checkboxes named Allow Pathology Import on Server and Import Pathology Automatically on Client.


Message Box

Only one option may be selected so genie can only automatically import from EITHER the Server or the workstation. It is strongly recommended that the Capricorn be installed, or setup to save results to, either the workstation or the server depending on which checkbox is currently selected in the clinical tab of the Practice Preferences. It is NOT recommended that the settings be changed inside Genie as this could affect other download clients which may installed and working on the sites computers. 

Example: As we can see in the screenshot below Genie is set to import results on the Server, If you are required to install the Medical-Objects Capricorn a Genie client workstation then it must be set to download the results across the network to the Genie server to allow Genie to automatically import the downloaded results.

If Genie is set to import from the server and results are downloaded to a workstation then a manual import must be run from the Genie client installed on the workstation where the results are downloaded and vise versa.

Capricorn Configuration

  1. Double click the HL7 tray icon.

    Message Box

    If the Capricorn HL7 tray icon is not visible, Open the Capricorn from Start menu > All Programs > Medical-Objects > Medical-Objects Capricorn or from C:\MO\Capricorn\Capricorn.exe.

  2. The Log window is displayed.

  3. Click the Edit Server Properties icon.

  4. Click on Integration Options.

  5. Set the ACK Management path as below:

    (Capricorn installed on a Genie Server Machine) --> C:\Genie\Labrslts\Hl7 ACKS
    (Capricorn installed on a Genie Client Machine) --> \\server\Genie\Labrslts\Hl7 ACKS\

    Message Box

    If the folders do not exist, You must create them.

  6. Check that the Incoming Modifier is set to Genie REF.

  7. Select Server Parameters from the left panel.

  8. The paths above are set as follows:

    (Capricorn installed on a Genie Server Machine) -->

    Code Block
    i.	 Message Output Directory: C:\Genie\Labrslts\
    ii.	 Save Pathology: C:\Genie\Labrslts\
    iii. Save Radiology: C:\Genie\Labrslts\

    (Capricorn installed on a Genie Client Machine) -->

    Code Block
    i.	 Message Output Directory: \\server\Genie\Labrslts\
    ii.  Save Pathology: \\server\Genie\Labrslts\
    iii. Save Radiology: \\server\Genie\Labrslts\

    Make Sure that “Save all ORU in Pathology Path” is UNTICKED

  9. The Medical-Objects configuration is complete. Click Apply and OK.

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