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The Medical-Objects Referral Client (Trinity) is a lightweight software program that can capture General Practitioner referrals from your Practice Management Software and send it to other connected Medical-Objects users.

The Referral Client is designed on standard network setups. While it can usually connect when using VPN's, the Medical-Objects Helpdesk does not provide support on non-standard network setups. Multiexcerpt includeMultiExcerptNameTerminal Services Decision Tree for Trinity DiagramPageWithExcerptTerminal Services Decision Tree for Trinity


Trinity broadcasts on UDP port 21734, if the broadcast is unobstructed the Capricorn will hear and respond with a UDP Response containing 'I'm Here' Details like IP and port number. Then communication commences via TCP.

Trouble Shooting

Set Firewall Application Rule for Trinity.exe (Allow Outgoing all)

Set Firewall Application Rule (Allow Incoming all

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