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Node value initialisation

************NOTE: this worked example section of the wiki is now out of date as GELLO is currently at R.2. This code will not work in later versions of the editor. We intend to update this seciton to R2 GELLO soon. ****************GELLO code will be used to initialise the value of 'Best use'. To keep things simple in this example we won't do clever things with numbers, quantities or coded values; but simply declare that the GELLO will return a text string as the initialised value for the node.


  1. Open the apple archetype and unfold the Cluster to click on 'Best use'. You could leave its datatype as mtAny or make it mtString.
  2. Click on the pane next to OnInitialize in the RHS, then on DotDotDot.PNG.
  3. Simply put the following in as the GELLO code - keep the inverted commas as this GELLO result will be of string datatype:

    No Format
    'Use this field to enter information about best use'

  4. Test in Preview.
  5. Save your work.

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