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All users of Medical-Objects Capricorn Client should ensure that a backup copy of the C:\MO\Capricorn folder (Default Capricorn installation path) Is made regularly. If you have installed to another directory, then you should backup accordingly. The Capricorn folder contains an archive if all messages sent/received through the system which can be used for auditing purposes.

Backing up the



Backing up the software on a


Open the Applications draw, and search for the Capricorn application. 

Right click on the application, and click Make Duplicate. 

Once the duplicate is made, rename it to Capricorn BackupWindows computer is as simple as setting your backup software to capture the MO folder in your C: drive. Should there be an issue with the Capricorn installation, it will be easy to restore the application to working functionality. Please contact the medical Objects Helpdesk if you require any further information on (07) 5456 6000.

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