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Should you require any more information or have encountered a problem, please call the support helpdesk on (07) 5456 6000.

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This guide provides and overview on configuring the Medical-Objects Download Client (Capricorn) and Incisive Practice Software for importing electronic results.

Incisive can import either ORU or PIT format.

If you require any assistance with the installation or configuration, or if you have any questions, please contact the Medical-Objects Helpdesk on (07) 5456 6000.

If you have not Installed the Medical-Objects Download client, Please see the guide for Installing Capricorn on Windows.

Configuring the Capricorn

Accessing the Capricorn Configuration Window



In some cases, the Capricorn may be configured as a service. See this guide for instructions on how to launch the Capricorn if it is set up as a service. 

  1. To launch the HL7 Tray application, Go to Start Menu, All Programs, Medical-Objects and select the Medical-Objects Capricorn. Alternatively, You can go to C:\MO\Capricorn and run the Capricorn.exe.
  2. The following icon will appear in the tray. Double click on it to bring up the log window.

  3. When the log window is displayed, Click on the Configuration icon highlighted below, or select Utility and select Configuration.


Capricorn Configuration Settings

  1. Click on Integration Options in the left hand side panel.

  2. Set the Ack Management path to the following:



    Make sure the Incoming Modifier is set to Capricorn Modifier.

  3. Click on Manage Queues from the left hand panel. 

    Click on the Add button highlighted. 


    Set the path to C:\MO\Queue\Incisive and click OK.
  5. Click on the Setup button highlighted below.

  6. Click the Add button and select Modify Message with HL7 Script.

  7. Add the following code:

    program OverrideMSH8toNullValue;
    var v: string;
        i: Integer;
        for i := HL7Data.SegmentCount-1 downto 0 do
            v := HL7Data.Segmentname[i];
            if v = 'MSH' Then
                writeln(HL7Data.GetFieldValue(i, 7, 0,0,0));
                if HL7Data.GetFieldvalue(i, 7, 0,0,0) <> '' then
                        //Replace Value of Security Field MSH8 to Nill
                        HL7Data.SetFieldValue('""', i, 7, 0,0,0);
                        writeln('Warning the MSH8 Security Field has been cleared for interoprability with Incisive');



  8. Click Apply and OK.
  9. Click on Server Parameters.

  10. Set the output directory to C:\MO\Incisive Queue\.
  11. The configuration is completed, Click Apply and OK. 


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