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Should you require any more information or have encountered a problem, please call the support helpdesk on (07) 5456 6000.

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HL7 Web Lint is an online web portal that can be used to validate Australian ORU and REF messages (HL7V2.4) and also against select HL7 International standards to check for common compliance issues. It does checks on parsability of the HL7, the message structure (The order of the segments) and checks for some common errors that we have seen. It is not an exhaustive check by any means but will often identify issues quickly.

Its designed to be used by both developers and technically orientated end users to check problem files. This will produce a xhtml file and load it into your default browser.

This software carries no warranty but we would appreciate any bug reports and suggestions for improvement.

Send us an email at

The checks done are aimed at HL7 V2 local profiles, specifically V2.4 but many checks are appropriate for other versions and profiles.


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